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For all my in person clients
Our "Holiday Hustle" Challenge Kicks off November 28th! 
Stay Tuned for more Details!
And for all my online (and in person too) clients, here is your
"Holiday Shred" Challenge! 
Myself and some absolutely amazing coaches in the fitness and nutrition industry have all teamed up to host this fantastic way to keep yourself accountable while having fun and 
shredding the weight over the holidays. 
All you have to do is sign up at screen shot me your receipt (email to and you will receive my four week home and gym workouts, nutrition planning and holiday survival guide and more all for FREE!!

 Q: Are you being kind to your belly? 

You have got to try my belly-loving, brain-boosting overnight oats. It's got fiber for your belly microbes and omega-3s for your brain; the happiest way to start your day! Promise you will be happy dancing every morning! 
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Let's be real friends! There is a lot of hype out there about what you should and should not eat, what type workouts are the best, and what you "should" be doing to be healthy!  Has anyone asked YOU what your goals are in achieving that? Probably not.  But that matters most! My job as a counselor and nutritionist is to make sure that the services you receive
 are rooted in science, serve your goals and get you results!  

If you are:
- tired of feeling tired, 
- frustrated with feeling like a yo-yo (yay! I did good for a week, boo! I suck and can’t stick to anything!), 
-stressed out and beating yourself up cause you lack willpower, 
-can’t decide which “diet” is right for you, 
 -confused where to start in an “eat this, not that,” 
-do take supplements, don’t take supplements saturated world, 
-yet hungry to be healthier and live full of energy and vitality and want clarity and direction
 **Then lets chat!!**

I am on a mission to work with as many as I can, as quickly as I can and get the results that allow them to live a more optimal, abundant, healthy, happy life. Everyone who works with me, follows the plan and recommendations gets success! Period! I’m that confident in what we offer.  Our team works tirelessly for you in everything we create to always be backed by science first and then tailored with your individual needs to create the right plan for YOU!. 


 Nutrition Workshops are under way! Contact us to find out scheduled dates and where you can attend! 
  Why would you be a part?
  •  Design YOUR plate (carbs, fats, proteins) 
  •  Discover where YOU may be eating too much or too little of a certain food group 
  •  "See" where the gaps are in YOUR nutrition 
  •  Understand Food and Mood and its effects on YOU 
  • Walk away with THE exact measuring tools that are right for YOU!!
  • This is all about YOU and your healthy life!!  

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Your vibe attracts your tribe, right?
What's your energy, your vibe? Look around you, what are you attracting? If it's not for your greater good and the greater good of those you hang with, it's time to reassess! Think about it!! 
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